By definition CrossFit is constantly-varied, functional movements performed at high-intensity. Here at CrossFit Sango, we will follow Mayhem Athlete, programming that is created by the fittest ever, for the masses. CrossFit classes will encompass mobility, warm ups tailored to the WOD, challenging workouts with multiple scaled options and sometimes a more competitive option, and recovery sessions. All workouts programmed by Mayhem Athlete can be modified to each athlete’s ability level. We are equipped with skilled coaches who make sure athletes are performing with the highest intensity possible for any athlete's skill level, all while making sure each athlete has proper mechanics. A group class setting allows athletes to have that community feeling CrossFit is known for, and allows athletes to push themselves competitively in ways you never thought possible.


No CrossFit experience, no problem?

Here at CrossFit Sango we believe that having a strong foundation and understanding of CrossFit movements, standards, and "lingo" will allow athletes to perform at their utmost highest potential possible. Our CrossFit Fundamentals course or 'On-Ramp' is structured to help athletes understand the theory and basic movements behind the CrossFit concept. Coaches break down the essentials, and even the more advanced movements, which allows athletes to slowly and gradually build the confidence to move into regular classes where they'll continue to move safely, efficiently, and effectively.

We will be holding a FREE monthly fundamentals class for those with little to no CrossFit experience. This class will last 2-4 hours long and will encompass instruction followed by a workout. If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit, there is no better time than now. Message us for details on the Fundamentals Class Schedule.

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