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“CrossFit is not for the faint of heart, it’s for those who want to push themselves to their limits.”

Joey Zwirn
Owner | Head Coach | CF-L2 | BLS

I am proud to be an owner of CrossFit Sango and Head Coach. I have been fortunate to serve in the United States Army for over 13 Years, majority of which I have spent in Special Operations. I have been doing CrossFit for 10 years and have enjoyed every one.

I have gone through several phases of programming methodology throughout my life, in different facets of fitness, and have found CrossFit the most satisfying. For me, it is the fusion of working in a community, using competition to fuel hard work, and exceeding limits I previously thought to be true that keep me coming back for the next WOD.

I am very passionate about this sport and more so, coaching others to achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves. I refuse to hear that someone is not “prepared, trained, or acclimated” to workout at CrossFit Sango. Everyone, regardless of age or physical limitation, has the opportunity to improve their physical health. I will absolutely prove it to you.

I’ll see you out there.

Cortney Zwirn
Owner | Coach | Manager | CF-L2 | B.S. in Nursing

2022 Judges Certificate - Running Certificate - ACLS

I am a North Carolina native who moved to Clarksville 4.5 years ago thanks to the Army. I grew up playing every sport possible, and specifically focused on cheerleading and softball starting around the age of 14. I played competitive travel ball all through high school and I played softball all four years in undergrad, as well as participated on the Co-Ed cheerleading team. I never really thought about "working out" until I met my husband, Joey in 2010. He was your typical meathead and tried to get me just as interested. It wasn't until 2012 when my brothers opened a CrossFit affiliate in Spring Lake, NC that I decided to actually give this fitness thing a try. One class and I was immediately hooked. It satisfied my competitive nature, and allowed me to be the social butterfly that I love to be. From that moment on, Joey and I instantly started to think of ways to become future gym owners.

Fast forward to 2018 and we moved to Clarksville. We joined a local box here and made some great friendships and worked out with some amazing athletes. I became a manager of that gym and helped organize several special events. I got my L1 in 2019 while I was pregnant and began coaching. Coaching has allowed me to pass on my passion for CrossFit and a healthy lifestyle, as well as learn so much more about the world of CrossFit and the importance of community than I could have ever imagined.

Aside from the gym, I am a registered nurse at Tennova and a full time mommy to the sweetest little man, Maverick. I love hosting events at my house and at the gym (so be on the lookout for a lot of those!). My life is crazy busy and I absolutely love it. Family, fitness, friends, and faith are my reason for doing everything and what I live for. We are so excited to be opening up this gym in Sango, and we cannot wait to watch the CrossFit community grow even larger here in Clarksville!

Coach | CF-L2 | B.S. Health & Physical Edu. | BLS

CF Gymnastic - CF Weightlifting

I began CrossFit in 2012 and started coaching in 2014. I love how challenging the workouts are and that every day is something new. My favorite thing about coaching is helping an athlete achieve a movement or accomplish a heavy lift that they didn't believe they were capable of. My job is to make sure you never underestimate yourself, push hard during every workout, and do it in a safe way. We all have different personal goals, but together we can help each other towards the overall goal, which is better health and fitness. The community at CrossFit Sango and I are here to support you in that pursuit.

Favorite WOD: Diane

Least Favorite: Open 16.5

Coach | CF-L2 | ACE CPT | BLS

Transplanted to Clarksville, like many, due to the military, Coach Josh finished out his Army EOD career in 2016. But his interest in health and fitness continued. Since testing out CrossFit during one of his deployments, Josh wanted to help people learn to move their bodies better. Coaching regularly since 2016, Coach Josh has helped foster the growing Clarksville CrossFit community. Josh is a CF-L2 with background experience in bodybuilding, sports (baseball), and nutrition.

Coach | CF-L2 | BLS

2022 Judges Certification

I am from Denver, Colorado! I have been in the Army for 15 years and currently serving as a Blackhawk pilot. I have been doing CrossFit since 2014 and fell in love with the methodology and training behind the programming. I enjoy coaching others and helping them achieve fitness goals that they have not been able to accomplish.

My wife Stefanny is also currently serving in the National Guard and also does CrossFit whether it be at our garage gym or at the gym itself. We have a daughter Isabella and two dogs Luna and Bailey!

We love the community and are so happy to be part of it!

Coach | CF-L2 | A.S. Fire Science | BLS

CF Judges Course (2022)

I have lived in Clarksville pretty much my whole life. I am a veteran, having served in the United States Marine Corps from 1999-2004. I am a father first and foremost to my 3 teenagers. I currently work for Clarksville Fire-Rescue having been with CFR the past 17 years as a firefighter with Engine Co. 5. Fitness has been a huge part of my life for the past 25 years and last year I attended the CrossFit level 1 course in Nashville. CrossFit Sango has given me the chance to hone my skills as a coach and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve such a great community.


CF Lesson Plannong

CF Programming

CF Spot The Flow

Coach | CF-L1 | CF-L2

Athletic Experience

Played soccer, field hockey and ran track and field growing up. 19+ years in the Army, always moving and grooving.

Years Doing Crossfit

started in 2010, for my L1 in 2015, so 10+ years doing, 8 years coaching

Favorite Food

Protein cards and fat. Anything savory, I'm there.

Favorite CrossFit Movement

Cleans and back squats! Love some dumbbell snatches!

Favorite Thing About Coaching

Watching progress, very gratifying and humbling watching people attain their goals, fix their form, not to mention being a positive leader in the community.

Coach | CF-L1 | BLS

Husband & Dad from Alabama...Go Auburn! I have been doing CrossFit for about 5.5 years. My favorite food is Mexican food. My favorite CrossFit movement is laying on the floor at the end of the WOD reconsidering my life choices...also squat cleans! My favorite thing about coaching is seeing athletes respond to the push and give that extra effort they wouldn't give working out on their own.

Coach | CF-L1

Born and raised in small town Oklahoma and recently relocated to Tennessee for a career advancement opportunity. My passion for CrossFit and fitness stems from my youth and being heavily involved in competitive sports. Along the journey it gave me role models and a desire to coach and be a positive influence to others. I have been doing Crossfit off and on for 8 years and since joining CrossFit Sango it reignited my passion for the sport. My favorite thing about CrossFit is that it truly is for everyone no matter where you are at in your journey. For some like me it’s fuels our competitive nature and for others it’s community, fellowship, and getting fit. My favorite thing about coaching is watching our members break down barriers and accomplish things they didn’t think they could do. Outside of CrossFit, I am husband to my beautiful wife Amanda and a father to my 3 kids Ransley, Rozlyn, and Beckett.

Coach | CF-L1

Athletic Experience

Not counting junior swim and outside of weight-loss journey, just CrossFit and weightlifting

Years Doing Crossfit

2.5 Years

Favorite Food

Korean food and a good burger!

Favorite CrossFit Movement

I'm a huge barbell fan! Cleans, Jerks, Snatches, not thrusters 👀

Favorite Thing About Coaching

I could talk about this forever! I have a serious love for watching and inspiring people to believe in themselves to crush workouts they didn't think they could! Being there to support them and remind them they are capable is my favorite!

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